One of my specialties as a graphic designer is working with photos, including restoration and retouching. I can visually eliminate creases, compensate for fading, remove/add people and more. See the gallery at the bottom of this page for examples.


scanning TIPS

For home/office scanners or multifunction devices:

  • Find settings that pertain to high resolution or high quality scans. If you see choices about DPI (dots per inch), pick a minimum of 300 DPI.

  • Choose a JPG or PNG file format.

  • Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your scan - I’ll let you know if it’s not ideal.

  • For the best results, make sure the scanner surface is clean using an alcohol wipe or damp lint-free cloth. Place your photo so it’s lying flat against the glass.

You may mail photos; however, I can’t assume responsibility for any photos lost or damaged in transit.

GET a quote

Pricing is based on extent of time estimated to restore/edit the photo.

For a quote
, send one of the following to me at

  1. A clear photo taken with a smartphone, or

  2. A high-resolution scan - the best option! Besides giving you a quote, I’ll work from this file. (See “Scanning Tips” for more information.)

Payment: Your edited photo will temporarily have a watermark (visual overlay). Once you approve the restoration and I receive payment (Paypal is preferred), the watermark will be removed and you’re all set!

and then…

Once you’ve approved your photo, I’ll provide you with a high-resolution, high-quality professional digital file that has a multitude of end uses!

My favorite “one stop shop” is I’m not affiliated with the site - I’ve just had excellent experiences with them, which include the ability to order prints and pick them up at your local Walgreens, CVS or Walmart. You can also order photo calendars, books and other great gifts.

Tip: check out promo codes at for discounts!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!


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