Free Logo Evaluations!

I’ve been a graphic designer with an increased focus on logos for nearly 20 years. Very often, I find myself in a bit of an awkward situation - I’ll see someone’s logo and immediately think of changes (sometimes small ones!) that would make a huge impact on their branding and marketing efforts.

I don’t say anything for a few reasons:

  1. Logos are personal, especially for small businesses. They’re a symbol of an entrepreneur’s goals and talents, and constructive criticism can be tough to hear, especially if a friend or family member created the logo.

  2. In some cases, the person who hired the logo designer paid a bargain-basement OR inflated price, regrets it, and would prefer to pretend the whole thing never happened. Meanwhile, the logo continues to represent them badly.

If you’re someone who wants insight into maximizing your logo, click here to get in touch by February 28 and I’ll send you straightforward feedback and guidance on your logo.

I’ll answer questions including:

  • Is your logo legible at very small sizes (important for social media)?

  • Is your logo going to look dated in the near future?

  • Will your logo require extra production expenses (for example, when screen-printing)?

  • Is your logo clear and recognizable at a distance?

  • Will colorblind and visually-impaired people be able to see your logo clearly?